VIC Properties launches out-of-the-box Creative Challenge at Lisbon’s Websummit 2019

Inspired by the WebSummit and by all the creative energy surrounding the Beato-Marvila-Expo area, where Prata Riverside Village is located, VIC Properties presented the Prata Creative Challenge 2019 at this year’s WebSummit, one of the world’s largest high tech conferences and perhaps the most important worldwide. Thousands of people flock to Lisbon every year to attend the 4 day conference programme, showcase ideas and network with the industry’s top players and investors.

The Prata Creative Challenge 2019 will distinguish the most innovative or value-adding project in IT, home automation apps and resources, community and concierge services, architecture and sustainability, among others. If it benefits our residents, visitors or surrounding communities, VIC Properties will definitely consider it.

Everyone – from emerging startups to established companies – is invited to participate.  But proposals must be submitted until (at most) December 31 2019.

 What will VIC be offering?

The opportunity to sign a deal with Portugal’s leading Property Development company, for either Prata or any of the other exciting new projects on our pipeline. Plus, award winners and finalists can even aplly to being one of the very first movers into Lisbon’s coolest riverside apartments and offices, at Prata Riverside Village.


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