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08 OCT 2020
Press Releases
VIC Properties to start sales of the Urban Building units at Prata Riverside Village
VIC Detail Image

Promoter places 65 apartments on the market with prices starting at € 275 thousand

Lisbon, October 8, 2020. VIC Properties SA (“VIC Properties”), the promoter in charge of some of the biggest residential projects in Lisbon, starts taking reservations on October 10th for the 65 apartments of the Urban Building, located in the heart of Prata Riverside Village, a project designed by the acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano.

With prices starting at 275 thousand euros, Urban consists of 18 single-room apartments, 38 one-room apartments and nine double-room apartments, all with parking with electric charger and storage facilities.

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“Urban has a different architecture from the other buildings on Prata and its apartments are mainly designed for people who live alone – e.g. expatriates living in Lisbon for a limited period and students – or couples and families of three or four people, “explains Marcos Drummond, Head of Sales at VIC Properties. The Urban building should be completed in the summer of 2022.

Located just a few meters from the Tagus riverbank, and with direct link to Parque das Nações, Prata Riverside Village keeps developing at an excellent pace of construction. Marcos Drummond said that the pandemic “had no impact on the construction schedule, nor on the interest of people who want to live in Prata”. “We keep witnessing strong demand, with the sale of the remaining buildings taking place at an excellent pace, which is frankly encouraging”, underlines the Head of Sales at VIC Properties.

The second building of the project will be completed this year, comprising 40 apartments, of which 85% are already sold. This building will join the first completed project, whose 28 apartments are already fully sold and inhabited.

The marketing of Plot 1 of Prata, which started shortly before the pandemic, matches the interest of investors in this venture. Of the 107 apartments in this building, more than 40% are already sold.

Prata Riverside Village, considered the Best Real Estate Development in the Dwellings category in Portugal (SIL 2019 Award), offers the perfect combination of location, architecture and urbanism, with apartments of different types – from single-room to 4-room apartments – and usage profiles, and several retail spaces, the first of which are scheduled to open in 2020.

The remaining projects for this development are also underway, with special emphasis on the building that will be the heart of this neighbourhood, space entirely dedicated to commercial activity, concentrating a comprehensive wide offer in the food business, as well as a fitness area, including swimming pool and/or SPA, for both the condominium and visiting community.

More than ever, Prata Riverside Village stands out for being a true urban village in the heart of Lisbon, with a real neighbourhood feel, quiet, but full of life. Prata inspires “a new way of living”, combining modernity and functionality with sustainable and durable materials technologies, and will be equipped with shops, restaurants, galleries, bicycle lanes and playgrounds catering for the needs of the resident community and attracting also visitors from other Lisbon neighbourhoods. All of this, crowned by the Orient Riverside Park and unique access to the Tagus river.

Those wishing to know more about Prata Riverside Village and the Urban Building can visit the Prata Sales Centre (open every working day) or visit the website https://www.pratariversidevillage.com.