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28 JUL 2020
Press Releases
VIC Properties presents Matinha Decontamination Plan
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Webinar takes place this Thursday, July 30, at 3 pm

Lisbon, 28 July 2020. VIC Properties SA (“VIC Properties”) promotes this Thursday, July 30, a webinar on the Matinha Soil Decontamination Plan.

Many years and a great deal of historic effort, the famous Matinha area will become a healthy area again. The result of this work on soil and water decontamination will certainly be a source of pride for the whole city and to that end, VIC Properties would like to invite everyone interested to join this webinar. Please register here.

Bough by VIC Properties in June last year, the Matinha grounds, in the parish of Marvila, Lisbon, has a deployment area of approximately 20 hectares, with a total of 260,000 m2 of construction area aboveground.

Matinha will be one of the largest real estate projects in Portugal, with the building of 2000 new homes planned, as well as several leisure and services infrastructures, which will transform this part of the city into an area of excellence to live, work or simply to visit. Just like Prata Riverside Village, a project already underway and undertaken by VIC Properties, the goal is to create an integrated area focused exclusively on people and their quality of life.

With Matinha and Prata Riverside Village projects, and taking into account the construction of the Orient Riverside Park, whose first stage was inaugurated this year, VIC Properties will be linking Parque das Nações to the rest of the city, continuing its mission of revamping a part of the city that has long been forgotten.