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19 APR 2022
Press Releases
VIC Properties concludes West Building and starts construction of Park
VIC Detail Image

Prata Riverside Village has already placed about 350 flats on the market, 70% of which have already been sold.

As in the previous buildings, the concern with energy efficiency and electric mobility was not left to chance. As such, all the flats have a solar thermal system with a water heating tank and parking with their own electric charger.

“This is one more step that we have successfully concluded in our mission to requalify and give back to all citizens a part of the city of Lisbon that for many years was abandoned. Besides the green and leisure spaces that are already available to all who live, work or visit Marvila, the Prata Riverside Village has promoted several events, with an emphasis on culture. On the first Saturday of each month, we host the P’la Arte Market, we have supported several exhibitions, such as Brilha Rio, which is currently on show and can be visited for free, and in May we will be one of the stages of Lisbonweek, with Prata providing spaces for the Artistic Residencies of the Open Call winners,” says Luís Gamboa, Chief Operating Officer of VIC Properties.

With the completion of West, VIC Properties will now start the construction of Park, which will allow to continue to meet the high demand for Prata Riverside Village. Of the 175 flats already completed (The One, Riverside and West buildings), 170 are fully marketed, while sales of the buildings under construction proceeding at a high rate. The Square, whose construction will be concluded in the second half of 2022, comprises another 107 flats, of which more than 30% have already been sold. In Urban, which will be ready at the beginning of 2023, over 55% of its 65 flats have so far been sold.

In aggregate, VIC Properties has already completed the sale of over 70% of the 350 flats placed on the market.

“With each passing day, the Prata neighbourhood becomes more complete. Prata is already home to several commercial spaces, and we have several openings planned for the coming months. On the residential side, we continue to witness high demand, with our clients highlighting the unique characteristics of this project, both in the materials used in the construction and finishes, and in the location. We are talking about a project that is itself a work of art, signed by a Pritzker Prize winner. Moreover, this is the only new development in the first line of the Tagus and with a connection to the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente that allows its inhabitants, the residents of Marvila and the thousands of people who pass through this area to enjoy the river and green spaces, with commerce and leisure areas”, concludes Luís Gamboa.