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04 MAR 2021
Press Releases
VIC Properties completes Riverside and prepares the start of building works of two more buildings
VIC Detail Image

Riverside sold out even before its completion. West Building to enter the final marketing stage.

Lisbon, March 4, 2021. VIC Properties SA (“VIC Properties”), the promoter in charge of some of the biggest residential projects in Portugal, completed the works of Riverside Building, the second building of the project designed by the acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano for housing purposes. Consisting of 40 apartments, Riverside is sold out even before its completion, and it is worth mentioning that 65% of clients are Portuguese. Thus, Riverside joins the first completed project, whose 28 apartments are also fully sold and already inhabited.

In commercial terms, the promoter’s attention now focuses on the sale of the last units of the West Building, comprising a total of 107 apartments, which should be completed by the end of 2021, and on the first marketing stage of the 65 Urban Building apartments.

VIC Properties shall begin soon construction of two more buildings, including further 98 apartments and part of Prata Riverside Village, the new neighbourhood currently being built in the parish of Marvila, located on the Tagus riverbanks and linked to Oriente Riverside Park.

“Prata district is becoming more and more consolidated. The Main Square is also undergoing renovation works to increase its size and breadth. And we will be witnessing soon the opening of the first Prata retail spaces, catering for the needs of Marvila residents and hundreds of people who cross this area of town every day”, said Luís Gamboa, VIC’s Chief Operating Officer Properties.

Considered the Best Real Estate Development in the Dwelling category in Portugal (SIL 2019 Award), Prata Riverside Village is being developed and built at an excellent pace and demand remains high from those who wish to live in Lisbon in a Neighborhood where everything was duly thought-out. Renzo Piano’s work​​ offers ​the perfect combination of location, architecture and urbanism, with apartments of different sizes – from single-room apartments to 4-room apartments – and different profiles, along with several retail spaces, the first of which are scheduled to open in the coming months.

The remaining projects for this development are also underway, with special emphasis on the building that will be the heart of this neighbourhood, an area entirely dedicated to commercial activity, concentrating a comprehensive wide offer in the food business, as well as a fitness area, including swimming pool and/or SPA, for both the condominium and visiting community.

More than ever, Prata Riverside Village stands out given its true neighbourhood atmosphere, quiet but full of life. Prata inspires “a new way of living”, combining modernity and functionality with sustainable and durable materials technologies, and will be equipped with shops, restaurants, galleries, bicycle lanes and playgrounds catering for the needs of the resident community and attracting also visitors from other Lisbon neighbourhoods. All of this crowned by the Orient Riverside Park and with a unique link to the Tagus riverbank.