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04 NOV 2021
Press Releases
VIC Properties closes new commercial agreements for Prata Riverside Village
VIC Detail Image

Delta The Coffee House Experience, Riverside Bike Shop, Mercearia da Prata and Lavandaria Riverside are the new tenants of Prata. Promoter available to welcome other businesses that will help to transform Marvila.

VIC Properties S.A. (“VIC Properties“), the developer responsible for Prata Riverside Village, closed in recent months the first commercial agreements with the companies that are already ‘inhabiting’ the development designed by Renzo Piano, architect awarded with the Pritzker Prize. This is the case of Delta The Coffee House Experience and Riverside Bike Shop, which are already open, welcoming both the inhabitants of Prata and residents, workers and visitors of Marvila.

The opening of the Prata Grocery Store is scheduled for December 1st and the Riverside Laundry will be operating until the end of the year. VIC Properties is currently negotiating the entrance of more companies in Prata Riverside Village, namely restaurant spaces and stores of several areas, such as decoration and pet products.

It should also be recalled that through a protocol established with Plataforma P’la Arte in June last year, VIC Properties gave free stores of the Prata Riverside Village to artists who, faced with the extreme situation caused by the pandemic, found themselves without working space and, consequently, unable to develop their artistic production.

Already this year, VIC Properties and Plataforma P’la Arte launched the P’la Arte Market, an innovative experience held on the first Saturday of every month that allows dozens of artists to creatively and attractively present and market their work in a parking lot, still under construction, at Prata Riverside Village.

Being a great supporter of art and of the countless cultural expressions, VIC Properties underlines that its commercial spaces are also open to creative companies that may wish to set up there.

Since the beginning of this project, VIC Properties has assumed that its intention is not to build mere concrete developments, but to design and develop residential areas from scratch, creating high quality products, integrated into living communities, served by trade, services, cultural facilities and green areas.

Thus, and with approximately 20 thousand square meters of commercial area available in Prata Riverside Village (located at level 0 of all the lots), VIC Properties reiterates its availability to receive in this space historic businesses of Marvila, as well as more recent projects that will help revitalize this Lisbon parish.

Prata Riverside Village will be an authentic “riverside village” and will be equipped with shops, restaurants, galleries, bike lanes and playgrounds able to serve not only the resident community, but also to attract, by itself, visitors from other Lisbon neighborhoods. All this, crowned by the Jardim Ribeirinho Oriente and an unparalleled connection to the Tagus.