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04 JUL 2023
Press Releases
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Next Saturday, July 8th, from 2pm to 8pm, to celebrate the 2nd P’LA ARTE Market Anniversary which will be for the first time a Summer Party.

25 visual artists, 25 fashion creators and 4 independent publishers will gather for the first time in the Prata Riverside Village parking lot, at Braço de Prata, Lisbon, to exhibit and sell their creations and works, with the aim to connect with the public in an organic and interactive way.

Taking advantage of the summer season and the very hot days and nights, the civic platform P’LA ARTE and the company Vic Properties have challenged 50 artists to a special moment of dialogue in the same space between plastic arts and fashion.

Creators such as Dino Alves, Filipe Faísca, Valentim Quaresma or Nuno Baltazar and visual artists such as Mariana Duarte Santos, Fidel Évora, Leonor Neves, Beatriz Horta Correia or Susana Piteira, will be present in this unique event, which will not miss moments for conversation, sharing, creativity and animation.

Since 2021, the P’LA ARTE Market breaks the boundaries and the traditional physical spaces of the arts. This time and to mark the 2nd Anniversary it will go even further by combining fashion, painting, sculpture and music in a unique space.