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10 JUL 2023
Press Releases
Prata Riverside Village opens on 15 July a new cultural event with free entrance
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SO!PRATA will animate Marvila until 30th September. VIC Properties’ initiative SO!PARTY party and SO!PLAY, an Art Play Park, events designed in partnership with collective Cultural Affairs.

VIC Properties presents, from July 15th to September 30th, a unique and innovative cultural program, which will foster even more the artistic development of the parish of Marvila, in Lisbon.

Based on the values of neighbourhood, community, welcome and encounter, SO!PRATA will take place at Prata Riverside Village. With free admission, the aim of this new event is to offer countless cultural moments throughout the summer to all those who visit the emblematic project signed by Pritzker Prize winner Renzo Piano.

Thus, and in partnership with the collective Cultural Affairs, this new cultural itinerary inaugurates on 15th July the SO!PLAY project, an Art Play Park with ephemeral artistic works. Guest artists include Catarina Glam, Pitanga, Maria Imaginário and ±MaisMenos±. This project, which calls for play, encounter and interaction, is designed for adults and children and promises, until September 30, to provide plenty of entertainment.

To mark the opening of SO!PRATA, also on July 15, Prata Riverside Village receives SO!PARTY, which between 3pm and 8pm will offer numerous cultural moments. Among these, highlights include the live silk-screening project, where the whole family can try out this technique and keep a copy; the Street Paintings, which consist of small music, poetry, theatre and performance shows; Contemporary Circus and DJ Sets.

These activities will take place in several Prata spaces, and simultaneously there will be a market in the Central Square of the development, with several activations of the commercial spaces that have opened their shops in Prata Riverside Village, as well as Food Trucks, which will transform this area of Marvila into an authentic open-air cultural space.

On the 26th August, it’s time for SO!BEACH, an event at Parque Ribeirinho Oriente, which will bring a lot of animation with DJs and the projection of artistic works. SO!BEACH repeats on September 2 and 9.

“SO!PRATA is the latest initiative of VIC Properties in the promotion of different expressions of art and culture, since over the past few years the Prata Riverside Village and its surrounding space have given visibility to the work of numerous artists,” says Luís Gamboa, Chief Operating Officer of VIC Properties, ensuring that the initiatives now announced “will be only the first”.

“Our goal is for SO!PRATA to regularly enhance various activities related to culture, asserting itself as an innovative brand in the Portuguese art scene.”

Recall that already this year, Prata integrated Open House Lisbon and in its car park received the immersive play ‘Cars’. On July 17, it will again host the Over & Out Underground event, which presents, to the school and the community, the talent of students of visual arts, design, fashion production and photography from Universidade Lusófona. In 2022, the development idealized by Renzo Piano received the exhibition ‘Brilha Rio’, was partner of the Lisbon Week project, which for a month made known the history and the future of Marvila, and inaugurated a new circuit of urban art, fruit of the partnership established between VIC Properties and the cultural platform Underdogs, with the large-scale murals by Maria Imaginário, Jorge Charrua and Guga Liuzzi. The first edition of the SPEM [Portuguese Multiple Sclerosis Society] Festival and the Over & Out event.

In addition, and as a result of the protocol signed in June 2020 with Plataforma P’la Arte, VIC Properties continues to grant commercial spaces in Prata Riverside Village for artists to set up their workshops. Similarly, and since May 2021, the Mercado P’la Arte has been held on the first Saturday of every month in the Prata Riverside Village car park. Previously, Prata had already hosted the Moda Lisboa Sangue Novo Fashion Show, as well as the exhibitions ‘O Eterno Provisório’, by Angolan artist Suekí, and F+S+T=X, by artists Fernão Cruz, Sara Mealha and Thomas Langley.