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11 JAN 2023
Press Releases
Prata Riverside Village hosts 'Cars' play
VIC Detail Image

The car park of the VIC Properties development receives another artistic and cultural initiative, which can be seen on January 14 and 15.

The car park of Prata Riverside Village, in Marvila, adjacent to Mercado P’la Arte, will be the stage for another artistic and cultural session. This time, the development designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano will host the play “Cars”. The two sessions are scheduled for January 14 (at 9 pm) and 15 (at 5 pm) 2023 and ticket reservations can be made by emailing dassextasgrupo@gmail.com.

The surrounding scenario could not be more appropriate: the audience is invited into the underground car park of Prata Riverside Village to witness a traffic jam of everyday, fantastic, funny and surprising situations.

“Cars” is an original immersive theatre piece created by Grupo das Sextas, with the coordination of Argentinean director Claudio Hochman. This collective creation is composed by the artists Gonçalo Sítima, Vera Aroeira, Nicolas Morgerstern, Alexandra Polido, Gerardo Lima, Inês Calvinho, Rui Garcia, Susana Branco, André Carvalho, Joana Almeida, Vera Barros, Cláudia Dieb, Alícia Lima and Cátia Antunes.

“These days, we spend much of our lives in cars. Some people take more care of their car than their own body. In cars we eat, we make love, we listen to music. Cars kill more people than wars”, explains Claudio Hochman, thus revealing the motto for this piece, “a transposition of our daily life to the scenery of a car. A set of real situations presented in a very original and funny way, with a strong interaction with the audience”, concludes the director.

The play ‘Cars’ is the most recent cultural initiative supported and promoted by VIC Properties, which during 2022 hosted the exhibition ‘Brilha Rio’ and was a partner of the Lisbon Week project, which for a month made known the history and future of Marvila. The first edition of the SPEM Festival [Portuguese Society of Multiple Sclerosis] and the Over & Out event, an exhibition of the Lusófona University, where students had the opportunity to exhibit their work, were other initiatives that found their home in Prata Riverside Village.

In addition, and because of the protocol signed in June 2020 with Plataforma P’la Arte, VIC Properties continues to grant commercial spaces in Prata Riverside Village for artists to set up their workshops. Likewise, and since May 2021, the P’la Arte Market will be held on the first Saturday of each month in the Prata Riverside Village car park.

“This new partnership reinforces the principles and values of VIC Properties, which understands that its mission is to support the different expressions of art and culture, thus promoting creativity and artistic feeling, while continuing the requalification of an area of the city that for decades was abandoned and that currently comes alive every day,” says Luís Gamboa, Chief Operating Office of VIC Properties. “As Prata Riverside Village is a project designed for a lively and open community, where culture and art are essential elements, it makes perfect sense to host another initiative that will help to boost the community where we are present,” he adds.

“In Marvila, there are already several examples of initiatives that we promote or associate ourselves with and we will not stop here, since we have several initiatives being prepared for the coming months”, he reveals.