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16 APR 2021
Press Releases
Prata Riverside Village gives stage to the creativity of ModaLisboa's young designers
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The only project by architect Renzo Piano in Portugal hosts Lisbon Fashion Week, a partnership that reinforces the historical link between architecture and fashion

The Prata Riverside Village, a project of the responsibility of VIC Properties, was the space chosen by the ModaLisboa Association for the presentation of the collections in competition for Sangue Novo, a platform for the exhibition of the ideas and works of a group of young designers starting their careers or finalists in fashion design courses in national and international schools.

In the event’s 30th anniversary year and in what is the first exclusively digital edition, the five finalists chosen in October last year – Andreia Reimão, Ari Paiva, Fora de Jogo, Arndes and Rafael Ferreira – gave further proof of their talent, showing their collections in different spaces of the work of one of today’s most acclaimed architects, Renzo Piano.

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The generous interior garden, the sunny terraces and the extensive balconies and transparent lifts with a breathtaking view over the Tagus River served as a catwalk to parade the creations of the young designers, in a truly unique setting in which their frankly distinct elements, such as the traditional ceramic tiles covering the façade in harmony with Renzo Piano’s modern architecture, or the plays of light reflected on the different spaces, reinforced the innovative character of the pieces presented.

This partnership reinforces the commitment of VIC Properties in supporting and promoting the different expressions of art and culture, having signed in 2020 a protocol with Plataforma P’la Arte that translates into the availability and free provision of Prata Riverside Village facilities to give visibility to the work of several artists who, due to the extreme situation caused by the pandemic, found themselves without a work space and, consequently, unable to develop their artistic production. Valentim Quaresma, Ana Fonseca, Sofia Castro and Cecília Costa are examples of artists who have already made Prata Riverside Village their home.

As a result of this protocol, in July 2020 the Prata Riverside Village hosted the exhibition F+S+T=X, by the artists Fernão Cruz, Sara Mealha and Thomas Langley, and in October of the same year it was the Prata’s turn to host the individual exhibition of the Angolan artist Suekí, an initiative promoted by the Ainori Art Gallery and which showed the artist’s vision of the social urgency of African migrants arriving in Europe.