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10 NOV 2020
Press Releases
‘Casa do Passadiço Interiores’ creates decoration project for Prata Riverside Village
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VIC Properties opens the doors of the new Floor Model and Prata Service Lounge, making work and meeting space available and offering assorted equipment and services

Lisbon, 10th November 2020. Benchmark project in Portugal, by Pritzker Prize winner Renzo Piano, designed with the future in mind to boost this new residential area in the city of Lisbon, Marvila, Prata Riverside Village presents its new floor model, a creation in charge of ‘Casa do Passadiço Interiors’ that reflects the contemporary nature and sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of this development.

In a 4-room apartment overlooking the Tagus River, ‘Casa do Passadiço’ idealized a decoration project that would meet the needs of families as well as childless couples who wish to enjoy an urban, cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle.

Under a palette of neutral base tones that convey a warm and elegant atmosphere, using rich materials and privileging textures such as bouclés, silks, woods and marbles, the interior decoration of this apartment features also colour shades by displaying several works of art by Portuguese artists featured in this project, works made available under the protocol signed between VIC Properties and Plataforma P’la Arte, a commitment that is there to support and promote different forms of art and culture.

Catarina Mendonça, Paulo Albuquerque, Mariana Santos, Sofia Castro, Ricardo Oliveira Alves and Beatriz Horta Correia are the artists whose works of different techniques incorporate and value the different areas of this apartment: illustration, painting, ceramics and photography reinforce the unique identity and personality of this project.

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“’Casa do Passadiço’ decoration project conveys the unique, elegant and contemporary nature of Prata Riverside Village, staging and conveying the experience and elegant atmosphere its apartments have to offer, a perfect combination of location, architecture and urbanism,” added Luís Gamboa, COO of VIC Properties.

“The entire layout was designed to be experienced in a practical and modern way, enjoying all the wide spaces in total harmony and with a privileged view over the Tagus river enabled by the existence of wide windows”, said Cláudia Soares Pereira from ‘Casa do Passadiço ‘.

Additionally, and to offer more convenience and comfort to all residents of this development, VIC Properties recently opened Prata Service Lounge, an exclusive area that translates into a work and/or meeting space through the offer of a set of equipment and services designed to meet the dynamics and needs of day-to-day life, both for personal and work purposes.

Concierge service, parcel delivery point and even a meeting place or a meeting room at Prata Service Lounge are there to reinforce the unique nature of the Prata Riverside Village, which stands out as an urban village in the heart of Lisbon, with a real neighbourhood feel, quiet, but full of life, inspiring “a new way of living”.