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We believe it is the best place to live and work

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Portugal KEYFACT #1

Portugal is the third most peaceful country, after New Zealand and Iceland. It is on the podium.

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2017
Portugal KEYFACT #2

Lisbon is the third most hospitable city in the world.

According to Tripadvisor 2019
Portugal KEYFACT #3

Lisbon, the “coolest” city in Europe

According to CNN 2019
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Portugal's natural beauty is extraordinarily diverse. Here you can explore dense forests, valleys, waterfalls, secret beaches, and all this in a short space of time, in a moment of striking beauty.
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Spending the Summer in Portugal has been one of the most common travel plans among tourists from all over the world. There is a wide variety and the landscape changes along the coast.
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Portuguese culture is based on a past that was influenced by diverse peoples and customs. The new influences that appeared are reflected in a wide range of areas, in particular gastronomy, Portuguese music, traditional festivities and also arts and crafts.
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In Portugal, there is a wide variety of courses with characteristics suited to the various levels of difficulty and to everyone's liking. There are more than 90 courses in the whole country, some very challenging and recognised by professionals.
Services & Infrastructures
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Health Services
The Portuguese hospital network is made up of modern, well-equipped units, distributed all over the country, which have long-standing relationships with the main international insurance companies.
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Education System
In Portugal you can access a high-quality public and private education system, with the opportunity to learn the fourth most widely spoken European language in the world. With an international environment, schools all over the country are attended by Portuguese and foreign students.
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Transport Network
The country has a modern road network waiting to be explored: it takes just three hours to get from Lisbon to Porto or Faro, the main cities in the north and south of Portugal. Madrid is only a six-hour car ride away from Lisbon.
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Safe Environment
Considered as one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world, Portugal has invested heavily in public security and the close coordination of resources between the various forces.
Major real estate developments in Portugal