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21 MAY 2021
Prata Riverside Village
World Triathlon Lisbon 2021

Between the 21st and the 23rd of May, the Triathlon World Cup and the Qualifying Mixed Relay for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games took place in the surrounding area of Prata Riverside Village.

A worldwide event sponsored by VIC Properties with a unique route in Lisbon, which passes through the mediterranean and exuberant nature of Parque Ribeirinho Oriente and the calm and crystalline waters of the Tagus River, two ex-libris of the area.


 World Cup Olympic Qualification
21/05 (Friday)11:30AM - Mixed Relay Start
1:00PM - Medal Ceremony
11:30AM - Mixed Relay Start
1:00PM - Medal Ceremony
22/05 (Saturday)12:20PM - Men Start
2:20PM - Medal Ceremony
23/05 (Sunday)1:30PM - Womens´s Start
3:40PM - Medal Ceremony

Day 1

Day 2

Learn more about the event, here:
– Website: https://worldtriathlonlisbon.com/

– Live: www.triathonlive.tv

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