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09 JUN 2020
Workshop Ventilated Facades

VIC Properties and Forum Civil brought another Workshop with the presence of Andrea Cecconi, an illustrious Italian engineer who participated in numerous projects. He has devoted much of his career to offering simple solutions to complex problems, always with great care for architectural and aesthetic details.

In this Workshop, the project Prata Riverside Village was presented: an urban village located on the first line of the Tagus River that seeks to create a new vibrant neighborhood linking the traditional area of Marvila with the latest Parque das Nações.

Conceived by the architect Renzo Piano and his team at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), its inspiration cames from the sails of the ships that cross the river and the ways in which the light moves across the horizon and plays with the city landscape throughout of days and seasons. The recently formed project consists of a series of buildings offering more than 700 apartments from T0 to T4 – all with breathtaking views and bright living spaces.

The development also includes commercial and gastronomic spaces, galleries, cycling tracks and playgrounds: not only to serve the local community, but also to attract tourists for the beauty of this new neighborhood, bathed by the Tagus and crowned by the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente.

VIC Properties also took on the challenge of linking this project to Parque das Nações, acquiring the 20 hectares of land in Matinha (Marvila), which will change the horizon of our capital and mark not only Lisbon, but Portugal.

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