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30 JUL 2020
Webinar Matinha Decontamination Plan

The famous area of Matinha will once again be a healthy area. The result of this soil and water decontamination work will certainly be a source of pride for the entire city, a step that leds VIC Properties to promote the Webinar about Matinha Decontamination Plan.

This event was attended by:

The performance strategy for the revitalization of soils, the decontamination of water and the transformation of Matinha into a healthy area were presented.

Matinha will be one of the biggest real estate projects in Portugal, with the construction of 2000 new houses, as well as several infrastructures dedicated to leisure and services, which will transform this part of the city into an area of excellence for living, working or simply for visitation. As at Prata Riverside Village, the project is already underway and is the responsibility of VIC Properties, its objective is to create an integrated space dedicated exclusively to people and their quality of life.

Watch the full Webinar here:

– Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF82lNrVM7w&t=2246s

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