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15 MAR 2021
VIII Jornadas de Civil

From 15 to 19 March, the Forum Civil organizes the VIII Jornadas de Civil, an event that brings together students, teachers and companies in order to promote training, placing students at the center of the discussion.

This year, VIC Properties is Gold Sponsor of the event and will be present at the Companies Fair with its own virtual stand, with the aim of giving students the opportunity to get to know the company, ask for information and send resumes.

VIC Properties will also participate in the following activities:

DayHourVIC SpeakerEvent
15/3 (Monday)4:30pmNelson Rodrigues, EngineerConferência “Operação de Descontaminação de Solos – Matinha (Loteamento A)”
17/3 (Wednesday)5:00pmJoão Cabaça, CEOMeet The Bosses
18/3 (Thursday)2:30pmLuís Cabecinha, Project ManagerMatchmaking

About the Conference “Soil Decontamination Project – Matinha (Plot A)”

On the grounds of the old Matinha Gas Factory, around 2000 new dwellings will be born and a set of infrastructures dedicated to leisure and services. As a legacy of the industrial activity that occupied this area for 6 decades, a series of contaminants remained in the soils and groundwater that are finally being treated. VIC Properties is proud to present the Soil Decontamination Project that it is carrying out in Plot A of Matinha. This is the first step towards the goal of returning a long-lost area to the city.

The event is open to the participation of all interested public. Find out more here:

– Website: http://forumcivil.ist.utl.pt/jornadas/

– Subscription: http://forumcivil.ist.utl.pt/jornadas/

– Fórum Civil: http://forumcivil.ist.utl.pt/jornadas-de-engenharia-civil/

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