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04 DEC 2020
Under Construction Conference

The 2nd Edition of Under Construction from November 30th to December 4th, organized by the IST Forum Civil, aimed to make civil engineering known to the new students of the course and also to put them in contact with professionals and real cases of area. The event consists of online conferences with topics and guests of great interest in the area and workshops where it is possible to develop and learn new skills.

VIC Properties was present at the following debate:

Prata Riverside Village13 e 14 Maio11h00 - 18h00
Gasómetros da Matinha13 Maio11h00 - 13h00Especialista Atelier Risco
Sinergia14 Maio17h00 - 18h00Percurso Urbano com Robert Panda

Winner of a Pritzker Prize, Renzo Piano is one of the most acclaimed architects today, with a reference work worldwide. Inspired by the river, the history and the beauty of Lisbon, Prata Riverside Village, its only project in Portugal, already marks, in an unavoidable way, the city’s skyline. The perfect combination of location, architecture and urbanism, with different types and usage profiles

Matinha, one of the largest real estate projects in Portugal, the new development to be developed, is the natural extension of Parque das Nações. Developed 20 years later, it is planned to create several infrastructures dedicated to leisure and services that will transform this part of the city into an area of excellence.

For everyone interested, find out more here:
–Website: http://forumcivil.ist.utl.pt/jornadas/

-Fórum Civil: http://forumcivil.ist.utl.pt/under-construction/

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