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08 OCT 2020
FIL, Feira Internacional de Lisboa
Tektónica International Building and Construction Fair

The largest construction and public works fair in Portugal has the participation of the main leading companies and brands that play a crucial role in the sector. Providing to explore other new opportunities in the markets, these serve as a stage for innovation and the dissemination of various products and services.

At the same time, a hybrid edition took place, a novelty implemented by FIL, using a digital platform that will allow conducting business in person and online.

A fair that exceeded expectations, over the course of the four days, over 8500 people participated in the event (physical and digital), of which, more than 5500 in person and 3000 digital followers. Thus, it was demonstrated that the willingness of visitors to physically participate in fairs and events, contributes to the strengthening of business dynamics and the recovery of the economy.

Prata Riverside Village was present at the event and presented its project: an urban village in the heart of Lisbon, with a true neighborhood atmosphere. It inspires “a new way of living”, combining modernity and sustainable materials technologies. It will also be equipped with shops, restaurants, galleries, cycling tracks and playgrounds for all visitors. In the project, light as a lifestyle was taken advantage of in a concept of breathable and outdoor life that offers residents and visitors a peaceful experience by the river in the middle of a connected, networked metropolis.

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