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21 MAY 2022
Direct from the Palácio da Mitra
Talk Architecture – New Urban Opportunities

With the support of VIC Properties and Prata Riverside Village, official partner of the 7th edition of Lisbonweek, Palácio da Mitra opens the door for a conversation between architects, moderated by Architect Prof Carlos Dias Coelho (FAUL president). Watch live at 4:30 pm.

Adaptability Sustainability and Resilien

Moderator: Architect Prof Carlos Dias CoelhoFAUL President
Architect Elisabetta Trezzani Partner of Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Architect Paolo PelandaAssociate of Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Architect Luís Paulo
Partner of Topiaris Arquitetura Paisagista
Architect Filipa RosetaCouncilor for Housing at CML
Architect Cristina Cavaco
Strategic Coordinator of Sustainable Cities 2020 at DGT
Architect Nuno MateusAXR Portugal Arquitectos

Mark your calendar and watch the debate live, using the “Set Reminder” function available in YouTube VIC Properties. You can also follow the broadcast on Facebook VIC Properties and Instagram Prata Riverside Village.

This initiative is part of Lisbonweek’s programming, a communication platform of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, which in this edition chose Marvila as the stage for its cultural event, giving stage to several projects of artistic expression, of which VIC Properties and Prata Riverside Village are official partners giving continuity to its mission of promoting art and culture.

Learn more about the event, here:

-Website LW: https://www.lisbonweek.com/en/
-Facebook LW: https://www.facebook.com/lisbonweek

-Instagram LW: https://www.instagram.com/lisbonweek/

-Youtube Câmara Municipal de Lisboa: https://www.youtube.com/user/camaralisboa
-Jornal Económico: https://jornaleconomico.pt/conferencias/talk-arquitectura-novas-oportunidades-urbanas