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31 OCT 2020
Prata Riverside Village
Suekí “O Eterno Provisório”

On October 31, the Angolan artist Suekí presented his first solo exhibition in Portugal, at Prata Riverside Village. “O Eterno Provisório” aims to convey the social urgency of African migrants arriving in Europe.

Given the current safety standards, the opening of the exhibition was provided by a livestream with the artist directly from the exhibition space, available on the Facebook and Instagram social networks of Ainori Art Gallery and Prata Riverside Village. This exhibition will be open until the 31st of April and can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday, from 15:00 to 19:00.

VIC Properties strengthens the support and the possibility of initiatives of a cultural nature, a sector that was particularly affected by the pandemic, and promotes the Prata Riverside Village, requalifying and giving new life to an area of the city that for decades was abandoned.

This project came to combine the light of Lisbon city, the brightness of Tagus River with the architecture of one of the most prestigious architects in the world. The result is in plain sight, a special place in Lisbon where we learn to breathe a new way of living again.