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29 MAY 2022
Parque Ribeirinho Oriente
SPEM Solidarity Festival

With the support of VIC Properties, the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente, in the surroundings of the Prata Riverside Village, receives, on May 29th, the first solidarity festival of SPEM, Portuguese Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The event takes place in the scope of the World Multiple Sclerosis Day, which will be celebrated on May 30th, in a green and flat area, completely adapted to people with reduced mobility.

The goal is to bring together people with disabilities or neurodegenerative diseases and has scheduled several activities in order to promote social inclusion and publicize the activities of this society. This solidarity event also aims to raise funds to ensure that all those who depend on SPEM see their rights guaranteed in order to live with dignity and all care assured.


Tuna Sénior da USALBI11 am
Academia de Concertinas do Inatel 11 am 30
Alldança, dança adaptada - Associação Salvador11 am 45
Corrida Cadeira de Rodas13 pm 30
Raquel Santos14 pm 00
The Pilinha15 pm 00
Voodo Marmalade16 pm 30

Learn more about the event, here:

-Tickets: https://blueticket.meo.pt/Event/6510/
-Website SPEM: https://spem.pt/

Facebook SPEM Solidarity Festival: https://www.facebook.com/1FestivalSolidarioSPEM