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10 OCT 2019
FIL, feira internacional de Lisboa
SIL | Salão Imobiliário de Portugal 2019

On October 10 to 13, the Salão Imobiliário de Portugal took place, which joined the entire program, the Prata Riverside Village stand, which was one of the novelties of the edition. The project is a project under the responsibility of VIC Properties S.A. (“VIC Properties”) and has just won the Best Real Estate Development Award in the Housing category, within the scope of the Prémios SIL do Imobiliário 2019.

The decision to give this award to Prata Riverside Village was taken unanimously by the AIP Foundation and the SIL Strategic Council, a working group that awarded the SIL Real Estate Awards in the various categories, and which highlighted the contribution to the development of the real estate sector in our country by the only project that the architect Renzo Piano, distinguished with the Pritzker Prize, signed in Portugal.

Prata Riverside Village is one of the most iconic works in the Portuguese architectural panorama. This project created a new centrality in Lisbon, with the construction of a “small village by the river” in the natural continuation of Parque das Nações, crowned by the Jardim Ribeirinho Oriente and a unique connection to the Tagus.

Prata Riverside Village was designed around a unique residential concept in Lisbon, oriented to the quality of life of residents and visitors. The apartments are designed to live and each residence offers something unique to discover – the perfect combination of Light, Comfort and Style.