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23 NOV 2023
Prata Riverside Village
Prata Floral Art School

The partnership between Prata Riverside Village and the Lisbon Floral Art School gives rise to the new Prata Floral Art School, a project with a social and cultural commitment.

The Prata Floral Art School runs courses and workshops focused on the art of floral design, with the aim of helping to train new professionals, increase employability and foster entrepreneurship, allowing artists to work with freedom and autonomy. Learn basic concepts and techniques for working with flowers, all the way to being able to run your own business.

Under the guidance of experienced florist Tatiana Vieira, fully certified and accessible training is offered where students contribute according to their IRS, unlocking professional opportunities.

The fusion of traditional floristry with the social commitment that VIC Properties and the Floral Art School have become accustomed to in recent years represents a significant milestone in the enrichment of the local community.

Find out more about the event here:

-Prata Floral School Website: https://eafprata