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01 AUG 2020
Prata Riverside Village
Exhibition F+S+T=X

The F + S + T = X Exhibition took place from the 17th of July until the 1st of September, at the Creative Studios from Prata Riverside Village. The artists Fernão Cruz, Sara Mealha and Thomas Langley name the exhibition itself, through their initials. And, as the title itself indicates, the result is much more than a sample or sum of individual exhibitions. There are several artistic approaches to the reality that was lived during the confinement, using old and new works, in a space where art laughs at itself, where life is exposed with provocations and ironies.

This event was the result of a pro bono partnership established between VIC Properties and Plataforma P´la Arte, which aims to promote initiatives of a cultural nature, namely exhibitions, events, talks and conferences, appropriate proposals to the spaces provided and which offer citizens the opportunity closer contact with art and artists.

The Prata Riverside Village is an architectural work of art on the first line of the Tagus, which uses characteristics of traditional Portuguese culture from the perspective of the renowned Italian architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize, Renzo Piano. A project that involves art in its entire design process, from every detail that makes the facades and exterior of the project an impressive architectural design, even the interior of the apartments, which comes from the luxury of interior design with maximum comfort and practicality for modern families.