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07 NOV 2020
Prata Riverside Village
Open Studio

Prata Riverside Village’s mission is to support art, establishing partnerships, increasing the visibility of artists and offering free spaces so that they can install their workshops. An innovative space that provides the perfect symbiosis between well-being, comfort, nature, style and direct contact with art.

With this purpose, the Open Studio event was held, which took place in the creative studios of the enterprise and had as main objective to show the works in a studio context, which is usually inaccessible to the public, allowing a direct dialogue between artists and visitors.

This unmediated approach between creators, works and the public enriches the friction and awareness of the arts, creating an environment of mutual knowledge between creative and appreciative genius.

An event promoted by Prata Riverside Village in partnership with Plataforma P´la Arte, to create a living and open community, in which culture and contemporary art are essential elements.

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