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22 SEP 2019
Prata Riverside Village
Open House Lisboa

On September 21 and 22, Prata Riverside Village was one of the stars of the eighth edition of Open House Lisboa and welcomed 400 visitors. This edition was subject to the theme Lisbon without a center“, and aims to decentralize, diversify and expand the architectural knowledge of the capital.

Prata Riverside Village is the perfect illustration of the theme chosen for this year’s edition as this project creates a new centrality in Lisbon, building from scratch a “small village by the river” in the natural continuation of Parque das Nações, crowned by the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente and an unique connection to the Tagus.

The visits to the project were made in two models: through the accompaniment of a volunteer or by a specialist and it was also possible to access an exhibition designed by RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop, which exposes some solutions that include initial sketches, some of the technical solutions designed for this project and the architects’ vision for the integration of Prata Riverside Village in the context of the Tagus River and Parque das Nações.

Prata Riverside Village distinguishes itself as an urban village in the heart of Lisbon, with a true neighborhood atmosphere, Prata inspires “a new way of living”. The apartments where the riverside inspiration was so striking for the trait of the Italian master Renzo Piano that they all have a river view. It is part of your home, as are the green spaces and the entire riverfront, combining modernity and functionality with sustainable and durable materials technologies, and will be equipped with shops, restaurants, galleries, bicycle lanes and playgrounds capable of serving not only the community of residents, but also of attracting visitors from other Lisbon neighborhoods on its own.