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08 MAY 2021
Prata Riverside Village Car Park
Mercado P´la Arte

The Mercado P´la Arte will inaugurate this Saturday, May 8, from 10:00AM to 6:00PM, at Prata Riverside Village car park and takes place on the first weekend of every month.

The event, in addition to the exhibitions, will have a parallel program that includes a book sales by artists, conversations about art and the presence of two independent publishers: Stolen Books and O Homem do Saco.

Get to know the speakers panel and the Conversations about Art schedule:

Artists and the Community

Dora Santos Silva (Moderator) 11:00AM
Paulo Albuquerque11:00AM
Mariana Duarte Santos11:00AM
Valentim Quaresma 11:00AM
Catarina Mendonça 11:00AM

Art Market

Emília Ferreira (Moderator) 03:00PM
Adelaide Duarte03:00PM
João Esteves de Oliveira03:00PM
Carlos Moura Carvalho03:00PM

Find out more about each speaker:

Emília Ferreira (Lisbon, 1963), Degree in Philosophy (FLL), master and doctor in Art Contemporary History (FCSH / NOVA)). Integrated researcher at IHA / FSCH / NOVA; researcher associated with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; and researcher associated with CIEG / ISCSP-ULisboa.
Art Historian, Lecturer, Curator, Art Educator, Fiction Author. Since December 2017, she directs the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Adelaide Duarte, researcher hired at the Art History Institute at the Social and Human Sciences Faculty at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Executive coordinator of the Postgraduate Art and Collecting Market at FCSH, NOVA de Lisboa. Coordinator of TIAMSA subcommittee Art Market and Collecting: Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Member of the research group Museum Studies: Art, Museums and Collections. PhD in Museology and Cultural Heritage (2012), from the University of Coimbra. Vice-President of the ‘Os Amigos do Museu do Chiado’ Association.

João Esteves de Oliveira
worked in the banking sector for several years. Gallerist and collector, in 2002 he founded Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, dedicated mainly to drawing, whose activity ended in 2019.

Carlos Moura-Carvalho, graduated in Law and Postgraduate in European Studies and in Information Society Law, he was General Director of Arts, Administrator of Tóbis Portuguesa, Director of the Lisbon City Council responsible for Alta de Lisboa, member of the Classification Commission of Spectacles, lawyer and member of the National Human Rights Commission. He currently works at the Cultural Planning, Strategy and Evaluation Office of the Ministry of Culture and is a representative of Portugal on the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He is also Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the Association Oceanos Expressivos da Língua Portuguesa, responsible for the Oceans-Prize for Literature in Portuguese.

Dora Santos Silva, professor in the areas of journalism, cultural communication and creative industries at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Researcher at ICNOVA – NOVA Communication Institute. Coordinator of the Media Innovation Observatory.

A partnership between VIC Properties and Pela Arte.

Learn more about the event, here:

-Website: http://plaarte.org/2021/04/mercado-pla-arte/

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