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02 DEC 2020
Prata Riverside Village
Meet The Artist

With the mission of supporting art, establishing partnerships, increasing the visibility of artists and offering free spaces for them to set up their workshops, the Meet The Artist event aims to exclusively provide residents of Prata Riverside Village with the opportunity to observe the creative process from the resident artists, as well as their work, in a close relationship between the public and the creative genius.

An event promoted by Prata Riverside Village in a pro bono partnership with Plataforma P´la Arte, to create a living and open community, in which culture and contemporary art are essential elements. This partnership aims to enhance the place of the arts in all aspects of Portuguese society and to minimize the tremendous negative impact, at the economic and creative level, that the pandemic is causing in the artistic sector.

Prata Riverside Village is an exclusive development in the Portuguese panorama, with unique characteristics in a privileged location on the first line of the Tagus. It is an innovative concept that aims to provide a new way of living in Lisbon, always thinking about the luxury of design, the comfort of the apartments, an intimate relationship with nature and the direct and constant contact with the art present in the creative studios of the enterprise.

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