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07 MAR 2022
Lisbonweek ’22

Prata Riverside Village is the official partner of Lisbonweek that in this edition has chosen the Marvila neighborhood for the cultural event starts next May 1st, the Labor Day, a date that meets the theme of reflection of this edition. The program includes exhibitions, guided tours and conferences that will take place during all weekends in May.

LisbonWeek Residencies Open Call

Continuing the promotion of art and culture, Prata Riverside Village, in partnership with LW’22, launched a call for proposals directed to all kinds of artists – from visual arts to dance, music, digital arts or even NFT’s, for the realization of four simultaneous residencies lasting a month in Marvila, Lisbon, under the theme “the work”. The resulting projects will be presented during the LW’22 edition, along with a circuit with site-specific interventions by invited artists, and will occupy historic buildings, work spaces, local commerce, and public space. The goal of the LW’22 Residency Program is to draw attention to the historical and contemporary heritage of this Lisbon neighborhood.

The Historical Route

The discovery of Marvila’s heritage will tour places such as the Fábrica do Braço de Prata, the Páteo Marialva, and the Palácio da Mitra on guided tours for groups of 25 people, but we will also maintain the freedom spirit of the past edition with our sound tours, where each person can discover some of the
parish most emblematic places through QR codes in marked places.

The Arts

In addition to discovering the heritage of Marvila, there will also be an art journey, which will have two dimensions: on one hand, the opening of the Open Call and the invitation to renowned artists for site-specific interventions that will later be exhibited in central locations in Marvila, as well as “Meet the artist” in local galleries such as Francisco Fino or Bruno Murias.


Some of the weekends of LW’22 weekends will be dedicated to two talks: one about “work”, the other on architecture and cities. There will be, finally, a closing party in one of Marvila’s spaces to be designated.


Open Day | All to Marvila & Meet the Artist7 may3 pm - 8 pm
Prata Riverside Village (meeting point)
Guided Tour | Marvila: From the factories the arts7, 14, 21 and 28 may10 am PT
3 pm PT | EN
Prata Riverside Village (meeting point)
WorkShop | Work your
creativity with Lorraine Steele and Peter Moolan-Feroze
8 may2 pm - 5 pm ENBraço de Prata Factory
Guided Tour | The secrets of Mitra Palace of Lisbon8, 15 and 22 may10 am PT
3 pm PT | EN
Mitra Palace
Guided Tour | Marvila Art Tour8, 21 and 22 may11 am 30 PT
4 pm 30 EN
To be indicated
Talk | Mas o que é Isto do Trabalho?14 may3 pm PTDelta The Coffee House Experience
Talk | Architecture: New Urban Opportunities21 may4 pm 30 Mitra Palace
NFT Art exhibition + Educational talks21 and 22 may2 pm - 9 pmPrata Riverside Village
Closing Party 28 may10 pmBraço de Prata Factory

Learn more about the event, here:

-Website LW: https://www.lisbonweek.com/en/
-Facebook LW: https://www.facebook.com/lisbonweek

-Instagram LW: https://www.instagram.com/lisbonweek/