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15 APR 2021
Lisbon Fashion Week 2021

Prata Riverside Village, the only project by architect Renzo Piano in Portugal, hosts Lisbon Fashion Week.

Highlight for the 5 young designers finalists of the Sangue Novo competition, who through their energy and ambition present unique collections that mirror their individuality, creativity and originality. In this first 100% digital edition of ModaLisboa, the 56th, Valentim Quaresma, artist in residence at the Prata Riverside Village under the protocol established with Plataforma P’la Arte, presents his collection “Metamorphosis“, where sustainability is clearly evident through the use of materials alluding to cocoon wrappings, achieved through textile manipulation made with waste silk threads with water-soluble film technique.

The Prata Riverside Village was the stage for the presentation of this category and the president of the event, Eduarda Abbondanza spoke about the idea of bringing the event to this great architectural work, in a place yet to be discovered by Lisboners. The historical relationship between fashion and architecture, the proximity to the river and the unique transparencies of the buildings in a place that is being reborn were some of the aspects mentioned that explain the choice for the presentation of the collections of young designers.

15/4 (Thursday)07PMSangue Novo (Andreia Reimão, Ari Paiva, Arndes, Fora de Jogo, Rafael Ferreira)Watch
17/4 (Saturday)09:30PMValentim QuaresmaWatch