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27 OCT 2020
Iberian Property Lisbon Re Investment Talks 2020

Luís Gamboa, COO of VIC Properties, Fernando Vasco Costa, Managing Director of Nexity Portugal, and Cristóbal de Castro, Managing Director of Albatross Capital, were present at the Webinar “Iberian Property Lisbon Re Investment Talks 2020“, promoted by Iberian Property in partnership with Real Asset Media.

This webinar brought together the most important representatives and investment authorities, in an innovative debate, for the future of the investment market and the trends for the progress of the Portuguese real estate market.

There is a desire to invest in build-to-rent in Portugal, what does not seem to exist is the certainty of the processes. It can work well because the fact is that there is a great demand for this type of asset. According to Luís Gamboa, COO at VIC Properties:

“We believe that there is a demand for rent. There is space in Portugal for that [build-to-rent]. The Millennial generation does not want to buy. In Germany, we have 60,000 rented apartments, so it is something we can look for in Portugal. It is something that we can do in the future. “

Focused on the Portuguese residential real estate market, VIC Properties combines deep know-how in real estate promotion in Portugal, knowledge of the capital market and extensive experience in major development projects. Headquartered in Lisbon, led by a highly experienced management team, the company is a fully integrated real estate platform that covers the entire value chain of the construction process.

For all those interested, find out more here:

Watch: https://iberian.property/editorial/build-to-rent-is-an-option-under-analysis-in-portugal

Website: https://iberian.property/editorial/lisbon-re-investment-talks-2020-premiers-on-27th-of-october/

Event: https://iberinmo.com/event/lisbon-re-investment-talks-2020

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