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08 MAR 2020
Prata Riverside Village
Girls Early Morning

International Women’s Day is marked by several initiatives from north to south of the country, including street actions, dance classes, gatherings, debates, conferences and gatherings to remember women’s rights. On March 8, Prata Riverside Village challenged some women to a different day.

The Girls Early Morning event had several group activities, lots of excitement, good mood, physical activities, glamour, showcooking with several healthy dishes with Inês Simas from @crucompinta, a pilates class from @andreiamatos78 and a makeup and hair stylling class from @simplesmente__maria.

Prata Riverside Village is already one of the most iconic works in the Portuguese architectural panorama. This project that marks the city of Lisbon and resuscitates the Eastern part of the city, with the construction of a “small village by the river” in the natural continuation of Parque das Nações, has the advantage of the connection with the river, inspired by light , enchanted by the view, heir to a unique riverfront.