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11 MAY 2021
CIGRAC 2020⁺¹

Organized for the first time in Portugal, in a joint organization of AECSAS – Technical Association for the Study of Soil and Groundwater Contamination, LNEC – National Laboratory for Civil Engineering and the College of Geological and Mining Engineering of the Order of Engineers (OE) . The International Conference on Management and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Areas (CIGRAC 2020⁺¹) will take place from May 11 to 14, 2021.

In a 100% digital and live edition, you can access a privileged space for the dissemination of practical and scientific knowledge. VIC Properties is the only diamond sponsor of the event and will be present with its Virtual Stand, where you will be able to learn about the most diverse technologies for soil treatment, decontamination and rehabilitation.

CIGRAC 2020⁺¹ aims to be a privileged space for the dissemination of practical and scientific knowledge, the exchange of ideas and good practices in the sustainable management of contaminated land, addressing topics ranging from the investigation and assessment of contaminated sites, to risk analysis for human health and for the environment, through treatment and remediation technologies, to the themes of rehabilitation, changes in use, deactivation, legal aspects and environmental and insurance liability.

CIGRAC will also be a virtual meeting point for service providers in the fields of diagnosis, assessment and management of risk and decontamination, researchers and academics, agents of regulatory bodies, lawyers, property developers, industry representatives with potentially polluting activities, from insurance companies and all those involved in the vast market for the rehabilitation of land affected by a potentially polluting industrial past.

In addition, short courses will be held on the most relevant topics, such as: high resolution diagnostic techniques, emerging contaminants, risk assessment, legal matters, vapor intrusion, etc.

Learn more about the event, here:

– Website: https://cigrac.feiraonlineaovivo.com.br/en/cigrac-eng/

– Ticket: https://cigrac.feiraonlineaovivo.com.br/#cadastro

– Company Fair (Virtual Stand VIC): http://cigrac.feiraonlineaovivo.com.br/feira/

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